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About Mewa Glass & Trading

The History of Mewa
Published on 18 Apr 2010

We believe the environment in which we live, work and play in is extremely important in shaping our sense of being. When we first set out, our philosophy is simple: to create an environment where we can be creative and in turn, the essence of creativity can be shared with the rest.
The genesis of our name was first conceived in 1994. Before our store was completed, we registered Mewaďż˝.com in August 1997 and while the store was being built, we worked tirelessly on the interior and exterior layouts as well as renovations in readying the store for our first day of business. An online presence was enthusiastically launched on April 1, 1998. Four months later, our retail store was officially opened for business.
We joined the bandwagon of Facebook on June 5, 2012 by creating a page under "Mewa Frame".

MewaŽ Boleh!
Published on 29 Mar 2011

A 2-year ordeal started when we received a registered letter from a textile service company in Wiesbaden, Germany on May 12, 2007. MEWA Textil-Service AG & Company with development, supply and servicing of reusable textiles for industry, commerce and the skilled trades has 41 locations in Europe. The German-based company with EUR 428 million turnover in 2008 celebrated their 100th year in 2008 but did not make any offer to purchase until the above mentioned date. Meanwhile, we registered the site in 1997. has since been actively used to promote our company and 10 years lapsed before they approached us. Our discussions with them faltered which led to a case against us with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center in Switzerland. We hired a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur and after several delays, a final decision was rendered on August 3, 2009 stating that “the complainant was denied”. We won the case!

We are one of the few David vs. Goliath cases such as the McCurry case whereby a fast food giant loses an eight-year legal battle against a Malaysian curry restaurant ( For more details about our case, click here.

MewaŽ's Name
Published on 19 Apr 2010

Spelled without an "h" as in "Mewah" which means "luxury" in Malay, the national language of Malaysia, "MewaŽ" in Mandarin literally means "to beautify." Inspired by the store owner's mother, Madam Beh Bi Yeang, who has been instrumental in the creation of the store, her middle name, "Me," which means "beauty" in Mandarin becomes imbued in the first part of our company name.

MewaŽ in essence, is an embodiment of three different elements: 1. The harmonic completion of human desire for perfection in philosophic and practical terms; 2) The juxtaposing of our Malaysian nationality as well as our ethnic Chinese identity; 3. The preservation and enhancement of beauty and value of our customer's prized collections.

The two red bars above and under our English and Chinese names are derived from two things: the gestural cropping done with our thumbs and index fingers or they may be interpreted as simplified edges of a frame, inspired by over 400 moulding samples that are displayed in our store.

It is our mission to give our customers the best selections of superior picture framing products and services that foster creativity, artistry and self-expressiveness.

Vision We envision our company's name to be synonymous with framing products and services. We can achieve this goal by constantly striving to provide the best selections, excellent service and affordable prices to win your loyal support.

E-wallet now accepted at Mewa
Published on 19 Jul 2019

eWALLET NOW FULLY ACCEPTED AT MEWA Until now, you’ve probably been paying for goods and services using cash or credit cards. However, we now offer another simpler, easier and a more secure way to make payments with your smartphone. Also known as digital wallets, ewallets are mobile payment apps that store your payment information on your smartphone. In our efforts to make shopping convenient for our customers, we now offer both Touch 'N Go and Boost as of May 27, 2019. You can now scan and pay via as these apps allow us to receive online payment from our customers. Your money and personal details are safe when you use an ewallet. All of your account information is encrypted which means that actual account numbers are not stored on your smartphone. A password or other verification details is needed which makes the transaction far safer than walking around with cash and credit cards in your pocket. So, what are you waiting for? Come visit us today and see how convenient is it to shop with us at Mewa.

The lion dances into Mewa
Published on 21 Feb 2010

For the first time since Mewa´s inception, we had had the pleasure of welcoming the traditional lion dancers into our store for the first time on February 20, 2010 at 2:15 PM. We were simply thrilled beyond words as the dance is equated to summon good luck and fortune. The doors were flung open, some Mandarin oranges and two packets of red packet (ang pow) were placed on a stool for the lion dancers as they worked their ways into the store. We look forward to welcoming them into the store again next year.
The lion that entered Mewa was based on the historical figure of Liu Bei, one of three blood oath brothers in China who swore to restore the Han dynasty as recorded in the classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Liu Bei is the eldest of the three brothers and Liu Bei lion dancers feature a yellow face with white beard and fur with a multi coloured tail with white and black undersides. There are three coins on the collar. This lion is used by schools with an established Sifu (teacher) or organization and is known Rui shih (Shui Shi) or The Auspicious Lion. For more, visit

A Kedahan product for a Malaysian leader
Published on 30 Apr 2009

The creation of shadow boxes is complicated and time-consuming. This is because of a few factors: the size to accommodate your artifact, the levels of complications in figuring out the aesthetics and functionality and availability of different materials used in combination to complete the order.
His Excellency Tun Dr Mahathir was a proud recipient of our CBX shadow box, commissioned by Mr Lim Lye Huat, onwer of Lye Huat Stone and Art Gallery in Napoh (near Jitra). A rare store was placed in the 12" deep x 15" high x 15" wide shadow box and was presented to the then Prime Minister of Malaysia on October 23, 1999 during their auspicious opening. (Source: Guang Ming Daily, Malaysia)
Nonetheless, no order is too small for us. Bring your memorabilia or collections and see what we can do for you. Click on "Shadow Boxes" on the left navigation bar for more samples.

MewaŽ's History
Published on 10 Oct 2010

We celebrate our anniversaries by offering special discounts for our customers but when we turned 10th in 2008, the lengthiest duration of sale for a period of 4 months from June 1 - Sept 1, 2008 was observed. We offered a slew of attractive discounts which feature "10" as a theme. 10% of discount for all yellow-tagged items, 10% and 10% for all white-tagged items, and 10 ready-made frames get you 1 FREE frame of the same value/price. We also gave away free MewaŽ shopping bag with purchase amount of RM30 and above. The entire exterior of the store was given a face lift with a touch of white paint but most importantly, we re-branded our signage to feature our corporate logos in Chinese and English. To increase visibility to our decade-old site, MewaŽ.com, is further reinforced in our facade signage, vehicular graphics as well as other promotional items.

Zi Yi, MewaŽ's little spokesperson
Published on 10 Oct 2010

From July 20 - September 20, 2009, we celebrated our 11th year sales and in October, we introduced the forever curious, the unequivocal and the always eager to try out anything spokesperson for MewaŽ, little 3 year-old Zi Yi when she celebrated her birthday on October 10. She has such an adventurous soul with a taste for good life. In October of 2009, we introduced the forever curious, the unequivocal and the always eager to try out anything spokesperson for Mewa, little Zi Yi who has such an adventurous soul with a taste for good life. Understandably, the 3-year old´s thirst for affection never stops. Nonetheless, Zi Yi has an insatiable eye for style and is a creative spirit. We suspect that she likes to be at the centre of action which explains why she sweeps the floors after we fail to get it up to her high standards. She orders us around and when it comes time to unwinding, she pampers herself in a space that lifts her mood. We truly enjoy having her around and we hope you would too!

Why is our frame sturdy?
Published on 13 Nov 2009

Our customers demand and expect that we do a great job but what they are are not aware that we also diligently use different sizes of V-nails (named so because of its V shape) to sturdily hold their frames together. This is during production and is not seen by our customers but we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of the nails we use inside our frames. While others skimp on one-size-fits all nails, we use imported V-nails that correspond to the thickness of the moulding so that your custom frames from us will last as long as your memories. The next time you order your frame from our competitors, don´t be shy to ask them to show what´s inside because it matters!

Frames fit for royalty
Published on 8 Jan 2010

One of the biggest frames we have ever constructed, each stretched canvas in which the images were painted on measures 54.5 x 78" (138.5 cm x 198 cm). Adding the dimensions of the frames, the height of each frame towers over 7 feet! Each corner of the massive frame requires 15 nails to hold the joints in place and each frame takes about 3 hours and four workers at different intervals to construct at the cost of RM1,500 per frame.

MewaŽ's Mega Sale
Published on 10 Oct 2010

In conjunction with our 12th anniversary, we launched our biggest sale since our inception 12 years ago. From July 24 - September 15, 2010, popular items such as our imported oil paintings and MewaŽ produced picture frames in the store were up for grabs with discounts ranging from 30% - 50%.

Congratulations UUM graduates!
Published on 1 Oct 2009

Since our partnership with professional photography studio Arofoto in 2000, we have been providing frames for graduates from various faculty at the university. Join us in congratulating the graduates at the Universiti Utara Malaysia. Pairing with Arofoto, Mewa Frame once again provided frames for the class of 2011 from September 25 - October 1, 2011. We set up our counters and display area a week before the convocation which took place on October 1, 2011 which marked the university's 24th annual commencement exercise with over 8000 graduates. Our Mona Lisa and Memory frames were customised with the esteemed university's logo. The wooden Mona Lisa 11R frame (11" x 14") sold for RM70 while the 8R frame (8" x 10") was only RM60. Graduates who purchased both golden Mona Lisa frames together received a free golden 5R frame (5" x 7") worth RM16 (without the UUM logo). Another affordable option was the set of brown wooden frames called "Memori" which also came with the university's logo and all three sizes, 5R, 8R and 11R retailed for only RM80. We were proud to have been part of the university's convocation and we sincerely hope to see the graduates in the near future. Congratulations graduates! Tahniah!
On June 3 and 4, 2012, we returned for the 8th Executive diploma's commencement and our popular Mona Lisa and Memori frames were offered.
Watch our video clip from the convocation in our Video gallery or click here Click here .

MewaŽ's 2010 Facelift: Phase 1 - Signage
Published on 10 Oct 2010

Heraclitus, the Greek philosopher once said,"Change is the only constant" and we couldn't agree more. Thanks to our customers' constant feedback, we´re changing again... This time, it is our store signage. We began planning for a three-phase upgrade for the entire store, starting with the exterior with a brand new LCD digital signage which was unveiled on October 6, 2010. Sharp at 9 AM, the new sign measuring 48" x 192" arrived and the drilling began shortly after a quick measurement for the supporting frame. Apart from the signage, we also installed our corporate logo on the exterior of our 3rd floor which became empty after our 2nd sign was removed in 2008. This is our 4th signage since our inception in 1998. Along with a planned revision of the interior which will substantially modernize our facility, we are also planning to revamp our website as well as other marketing communication component in our efforts to make your shopping experience better with us. In conjunction with phase 1, from October 6th (Wednesday) till October 12th (Tuesday), our business hour was extended from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM and we were closed on October 13th (Wed) and 14th (Thursday) before reopening on October 16th and our business hour returns to normal, from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

MewaŽ's 2014 Facelift: Phase 2 - Retail space rearrangement
Published on 26 Dec 2014

In mid of 2014, after a long deliberation, we decided to diversify our business by increasing the sales area for our sheet glass business which has always been our secondary focus. When the divisional walls were moved forward on June 12, 2014 the frame retail area was reduced by some 40 percent to accommodate the sheet glass machinery in the rear. Business is running as usual but the store was a mess as we had to remove quite a number of frames to make space for the welders to create a new retail space for us.

MewaŽ's 2015 Facelift: Phase 3 - Arrival of our glass edge polishing machine
Published on 26 Dec 2014

Dec 26, 2014, around 3 PM marked the arrival of our much awaited glass edge polishing machine to compliment our framing business. It was part of our business restrategising to augment our framing business by offering a glass edge polishing machine that is capable of grinding and polishing the edges of flat glass sheets.

MewaŽ's 2016 Facelift: Phase 4 - Retail space rearrangement
Published on 20 Nov 2016

The renovation that started late in October of 2016 was a series of events from our business expansion strategy to include glass-polishing into our business strategy. Now, in addition to our framing business, we have fully automated industrial standard machines capable of grinding and polishing the edges of flat glass sheets. Phase 3 of our renovation in mid of 2014 was met with phase 4 (almost 2.5 years later) as the needs for our glass-polishing business require that we reduce the retail area of framing by almost 20 sq meter (215 sq ft). We are pleased to share that with the reorientation of the retail layout as of the first week of Nov. 2016, towards the completion of the renovation, we noticed that customers who need custom framing are more willing to step inside the store. In addition, the air-conditioner doesn't have to work as hard as it used to and the smaller but more efficient retail area is much cooler, which only translates into more savings for our utility expenditures. More savings from us mean more savings for you, our dear customers.

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