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Glass edge polishing machine
Published on 4 Jan 2015

The renovation that started late in October of 2016 was a series of events from our business expansion strategy when on Dec 26, 2014, around 3 PM , the much awaited glass-polishing machine arrived. Now, in addition to our framing business, we also offer glass edge polishing machine that is capable of grinding and polishing the edges of flat glass sheets. The renovation required us to reduce the retail area of framing by almost 20 sq meter (215 sq ft). We are pleased to share that with the reorientation of the retail layout as of the first week of Nov. 2016, towards the completion of the renovation, we noticed that customers who need custom framing are more willing to step inside the store. In addition, the air-conditioner doesn't have to work as hard as it used to and the smaller but more efficient retail area is much cooler, which only translates into more savings for our utility expenditures. More savings from us mean more savings for you, our dear customers.

MewaŽ at UUM's 2011 convocation
Published on 7 Oct 2011

Pairing with Arofoto, Mewa Frame once again provided frames for the class of 2011 from September 25 - October 1, 2011. We set up our counters and display area a week before the convocation which took place on October 1, 2011. This year marked the university's 24th annual commencement exercise with over 8000 graduates. For this year, all our Mona Lisa and Memory frames are endowed with the esteemed university´s logo. The wooden Mona Lisa 11R frame (11" x 14") sells for RM70 while the 8R frame (8" x 10") is only RM60. Graduates who purchased both Mona Lisa frames together received a free golden 5R frame (5" x 7") worth RM16 (without the UUM logo). Another affordable option is the set of brown wooden frames called "Memory" which also comes with the university logo and all three sizes, 5R, 8R and 11R retail for only RM80.

Mewa at UUM's 2010 convocation
Published on 2 May 2010

Mewa at UUM's 2010 convocation 2 May 2010 Since our partnership with professional photography studio Arofoto in 2000, we have been providing frames for graduates from various faculty at the university. In 2009, we added laser engraved frames to our framing options sold at the Universiti Utara Malaysia (Northern University of Malaysia)'s convocation events.

MewaŽ frames featuring Flexipoints
Published on 31 Aug 2011

Changing pictures on our MewaŽ frames are a snap with Flexipoints as shown in the video here whereby with the flip of only two Flexipoints, any picture can be changed within seconds.

Customisable MewaŽ Ready-made frames
Published on 31 Aug 2011

Flex your creative muscles with MewaŽ Ready-made frames. Available in plain and simple borders, these frames are broad enough to allow you to add your creative touches as shown here, done by little Zi Yi, MewaŽ's spokesperson.

MewaŽ Framing Accessories
Published on 31 Aug 2011

Check out our extensive framing accessories from frame hangers to easel for your picture frames, only from MewaŽ Frame.

MewaŽ adjustale wire frame hanger
Published on 31 Aug 2011

Wtih this adjustable wire frame hanger from Mewa, hang your picture frame (up to 20kg) on this contemporary looking wire hanger with ease as it can be dangled from any chosen wall surface. Drilling is necessary

Little framer called Zi Yi
Published on 2 May 2010

Zi Yi hammers away, making the skeletal frame for a custom framing. With careful guidance from her dad, she attentively executes the job, gaining both praises and laughter from her amused but impressed father.

2010 Facelift: Exterior Signage
Published on 11 Oct 2010

Shown here is our brand new LCD digital signage in action at night. It was unveiled on October 6, 2010. Sharp at 9 AM, the new sign measuring 48" x 192" arrived and the drilling began shortly after a quick measurement for the supporting frame. Apart from the signage, we also installed our corporate logo on the 3rd floor which became empty after our 2nd sign was removed in 2008. This is our 4th signage since our inception in 1998.

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